Sunday, 18 February 2018

Post Christmas Bedroom

Removed Christmas in the bedroom.
I left the curtains though... so now it's bright, white
and very relaxed!

After the white, I brought back some red again - in time for Valentine's Day.

The school year has well and truly started and I've been totally absorbed in the kids' homework as well as continuing to remove Christmas. Yes, you readcorrectly... I'm still removing Christmas. It's been a long process this year. Slowly but surely, I'm getting my house back to normal again. - in time for Easter, maybe!! 

I like keeping the red going after Christmas, especially to around Valentine's Day. It's so nice and warm. Speaking of warm... We've had a heatwave here in south east Queensland and it's been terrible. Too hot and too humid. This Viking does not enjoy the tropical climate we've been blessed with this week. Far out, it didn't matter if you had a shower or not. You were as sweaty after a shower - as before. Crazy!

Sovrummet i vit skrud efter jul.

Sedan blev det rött till Alla Hjärtans dag.

Värmebölja här i Brisbane.
Varmt o fuktigt.

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